Re-opening the churches



Re-opening the churches

Re-opening for services

We are now holding services regularly in both parishes but on a restricted timetable. See the Calendar for details. the Main service each Sunday at St James will be live streamed if possble - see the At Home Services page for details.

The latest guidance says " From 8 August, face coverings are also required by law to be worn in places of worship. There are valid exemptions for some not to wear a face covering in these settings. In particular, those leading services or events in a place of worship, and those who assist them (for instance by reading, preaching, or leading prayer) do not always need to wear a face covering, although one should be worn especially if physical distancing cannot be maintained. This exemption does not apply to worshippers, who should wear face coverings."


Opening for private prayer

We are extending the opening times and adding a third church - St Bartholomew's in Nympsfield.  There are guidelines to follow about social distancing and cleaning the buildings after people have been in them.  These mean that we are only opening for a few hours but we will no longer have stewards available.  The advice is to restrict access to only part of the church, as we are only allowed to open for private prayer, not for visitors to look round.  

St James in Dursley will be open on Mondays 10am-5pm and Thursdays 10am-5pm.

St Giles in Uley will be open on Tuesdays 10am-3pm and Fridays 10am-3pm.

St Bartholomew's in Nympsfield will be open on Wednesdays 10am-3pm and Saturdays 10am-3pm