Life events - Funerals, Burials and Cremations

Funerals, Burials, Cremations & Churchyards


Funerals are a time of sadness at the loss of a loved one as well as a time for friends and family to celebrate the person’s life. 

A funeral in church offers both space and time for a personalised service.  Committal at the Crematorium or burial at the cemetery can be arranged to follow on.

The Benefice Ministers can conduct funerals in any church in the Benefice or at the Crematorium. They will work with the family to create a service with your choices of music, readings and tributes. 

Your funeral director will organise this for you, or you may contact the the Rector directly - link here

Our Churchyards

It is possible for burials to take place in the churchyards at St Giles in Uley and St Bartholomew's in Nympsfield and for the burial of ashes to take place in the churchyards in Uley, Nympsfield, Owlpen and the Garden of Remembrance at St James in Dursley.  Burials can be arranged through a funeral director or by contacting the Rector.

We are required to follow the Churchyard Regulations of the Diocese of Gloucester and the current version for 2020 can be found by clicking here


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